Business Name (Enterprise) Requirement

CAC Business name or Enterprise registration is for entrepreneurs and small-medium businesses. This registration gives a business full rights to operate as a brand in Nigeria. If you are thinking about registering your business as an enterprise, the following documents are required by the CAC to enable you to start the business name registration process. These are:

  1. Name of business (2 options)
  2. Business address
  3. Residential address
  4. Nature of business
  5. ID Card
  6. Passport photograph
  7. Phone number
  8. Email

CAC Limited Liability Registration Requirement

CAC Limited Liability registration process requires an individual registering his or  her company to have the following requirements

  1.  Name of Company (2 options)
  2. Share Capital
  3. Company address
  4. Residential address
  5. Nature of business
  6. ID Card of Directors
  7. Passport photograph
  8. Phone number
  9. Email
  10. Share allotment
  11. Memorandum
  12. Article of association

Sample of acceptable ID Cards for the registrations


However, there are always standards on how you can fill the company registration document and if such standards are not followed, you will keep getting queried and the registration process will take longer than it needs to be. Avoid getting your application queried by having a professional take care of the registration process. Visit Sertified Consult business registration page to request the help of a professional.