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The corporate affairs commission (CAC) announced late last year that only national id card will be accepted as a means of ID for business registration.  One of the major aims of the commission is the ease the process of business

WHAT IS ANNUAL RETURNS FILING? Annual returns is a yearly payment expected to be paid by every registered company and NGO’s in Nigeria. Annual returns is paid to the corporate affairs commission whether or not a company did any business

CAC name search is a type of search carried out by an individual on the CAC website to reserve a business name or company name. Unlike the free public search, CAC name search requires individuals to pay 500 Naira for

Corporate Affairs Commission (CAC) Public Search The Corporate Affairs Commission (CAC) public name search is a platform integrated on the CAC website to help users know the availability of a business name or company name they intend to register. This search

Business Name (Enterprise) Requirement CAC Business name or Enterprise registration is for entrepreneurs and small-medium businesses. This registration gives a business full rights to operate as a brand in Nigeria. If you are thinking about registering your business as an

CAC Introduces E-Certificate Between the 28th of December to 4th of January, the Corporate Affairs Commission (CAC) portal was shut down for an upgrade to enact the latest Companies and Allied Matters Act (CAMA) 2020. The Commission introduces new features

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