CAC Name Search

CAC Name Search

CAC name search is a type of search carried out by an individual on the CAC website to reserve a business name or company name. Unlike the free public search, CAC name search requires individuals to pay 500 Naira for the search application and the reservation of the proposed business name. The payment of 500 Naira does not guarantee that the business name applied for will be approved and reserved by CAC. When a search application is denied, the process will have to be repeated.

CAC name search is the first step in carrying out the business registration process. To do this, you’ll need to have an account with CAC on their website. For a business name to be approved, it has to be unique, precise, and not contain any form of misleading words. Moreover, some factors could cause the disapproval of some business name applications, these factors are:

  1. The existence of the proposed business name.
  2. The proposed business name containing restricted words.
  3. If the business name is misleading.

If you wish to register your business and not have to go through several denials of your business name application, kindly reach out to us and we will handle your registration without you having to stress yourself with all the rigorous process. You can get full details of business name registration requirements by visiting ourĀ business registration page.


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